Elie Saab, One of the most famous Lebanese fashion designers, has become an international designer by designing gowns for lots of A-list stars. His designs are known for their very feminine silhouettes. However, as I was checking his new SS haute couture collection I thought that i was having a dejavu moment. Beside the belted dresses and almost same color palettes , it seems that this collection have a lot of pieces in common with precedent Collections.


The violet dress (SS 2014) on the left and the light pink (SS 2012) on the left look a lot alike !! the thin belted waist that matches the color of the dress , the transparency on the bottom and not to forget the length. On the other hand , The red dress ( SS 2014) and the champagne one ( FW 2011) have the shawl arround the neck and the same line directions.


The White one ( SS 2013 ) And the Beige one ( SS 2014) have also belted waists , the long sleeves and same see through patterns. As For the white ( FW 2011) And the Black (SS 2014) , I noticed that they have the same beaded details on the strapless top not to mention the belted waist.

I have to mention that the collection had some AMAZING gowns ,but i really hope to see much more interesting and new stuff in his upcoming collection.