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My article is about Fashion designers especially Lebanese fashion designers who were inspired  from others’ designs.We all know that Lebanon had given many amazing fashion designers due to our mixed culture. They made success everywhere from The arab world to Hollywood. And many of them have similar A-list clients, so in order to keep them they need to do their best. It annoys when i see a fashion designer who is supposed to be creative and innovative stealing ideas from other or letting himself get Too Inspired.

Let me start with some examples and i’ll continue in my next post.


The queen of stage myriam fares wore a Nicolas Gebran dress in the music video ” el gasaed” in 2012, but too bad the reality TV star Kim Kardashian wore a dress by The Blonds back in 2010 in a photoshoot for Prestige Magazine. As we can see the dresses have a lot of similarity : the spikes , the pattern, the shape… but Nicolas showed us that he can paint a dress.

In my next examples Zuhair Murad will have special appearances as I found many of his inspired dresses. He is a great fashion designer who has a lot of  permanent A-list clients like Jennifer Lopez but it seems that he finds it very easier to just grab an idea.


Miley Cyrus wore an astonishing Zuhair murad dress to the oscars few years ago. the dress was one of the most memorable dresses that year, but oops it seems that it was inspired from Dior’s vintage dress that was made in 1949.

The violet dress is by zuhair , the red one is Marchesa and The pink is by Ramy Kadi. The red dress is in Marchesa’s Fall 2012 collection same as Zuhair’s violet one. Inspired Againn?? but the funny thing is that Ramy kadi decided to just leave it for the next year and no one will notice … lol


Zuhair has done it again.. But this time he was inspired from his lebanese rival fashion designer Elie saab. Beyonce wore elie saab’s dress back in 2008 and the white dress is in Zuhair’s 2011 collection.

I really think that they are amazing designers and I hope to become as successful as they are, but they have to be less inspired from others.